Plasma Rich Plasma Treatment


PRP – The Vampire Face Lift

At Mulberry Medical Aesthetics the technique of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) has proven to be one of the latest solutions, effective and safe in delaying the ageing process significantly.

Ageing is a multifactorial process characterised by the gradual loss of functional ability in all tissues and organs of the body. Skin ageing is caused by the degredation of the intercellular matrix, decreased vascularisation, dysfunction of the annexed skin, fat atrophy, atrophy or muscle relaxation and repeated muscular contraction. Other factors involved in this process include sun exposure, general or skin related diseases, hormonal situation, nutrition, weight changes, medication, toxins and cosmetic care.

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The process to obtain PRGF is simple:

A small volume of blood is taken from the patient which is then centrifuged allowing the separation of red and white blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. The platelet rich plasma is then used as infiltration by microinjections back into the skin. The effects are natural and safe resulting in wrinkle reduction, higher hydration, no facial expression changes, reduction of solar elastosis, bio-stimulation of the areas treated and improved skin thickness.

The idea of using Endoret®(prgf®) to treat facial ageing is the result of a wide range of basic and clinical observations concerning its beneficial effect after its application to other tissues. The capacity of Endoret®(prgf®) to activate the regeneration of tissues can counteract the degenerative changes that take place in the skin from the age of 30 years and on, improving its tone and elasticity.

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